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About GCE

About GCE equipment

The GCE equipment product line has been developed for delivery system of cryogenic, industrial and high purity compressed gases.

Gas & Cryo Equipment is split into four market segments industrial, high purity, cylinder filling plant equipment and custom-made equipment. GCE is the equipment trademark of Azoxco Cryogénique Inc.


The part number matrix  indicated in our equipment brochure, allows you to tailor our equipment to your needs and not the other way around. If you are not sure about your selection, just give us a call, our knowledgeable and responsive people will guide you through.


Each equipment bears a nametag telling you important information about:

  • gas service
  • alarm set points
  • pressure settings
  • year of manufacture
  • model number
  • switchover set point

All equipment meets or exceeds CGA, NFPA, ASME and CRN standards.

Standard Configurations


Helium and hydrogen are very small molecules that permeate through Teflon and Nylon. All GCE gas cylinder stationary discharging stations are mounted with stainless steel hoses on helium and hydrogen service.


In order to comply with CGA and NFPA requirements, acetylene service flexible hoses are mounted with both dry flashback arrestors and check valves. The gas delivery system designer is responsible to select the proper line flashback arrestor to be mounted at the outlet of the gas discharging station or along the pipeline network.


All oxygen service equipment made by GCE is cleaned as per the requirements of CGA G-4.1-2009. The flexible hoses installed on oxygen service discharging stations are Teflon innercore, stainless steel overbraid with brass end connections.


Flexible hose selection is critical to get the best from your manifold.

We offer three innercore materials:

  • Thermoplastic
  • Teflon
  • Stainless steel

For additional safety, stainless steel hoses are available with: Armor guard

As a standard feature, each hose has:

  • a check valve in the CGA nipple (except 680)
  • an elbow to avoid kinking of the hose (installed when necessary)
  • an adaptor to the outlet to ease connection to the manifold


Finally, we offer three cylinder hose connections (all CGA / gas related)

  • standard CGA nut & nipple
  • quick connects (zip nuts)
  • hand tight nuts