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Field Services

Field Services

Field services consist of on-site repair and/or troubleshooting (warranty or after-warranty) of the following equipment:

  • Piping network
  • Food freezers
  • Gas generators
  • Gas blenders
  • Manifolds
  • Welding, brazing & orbital welding
  • Cryogenic vessels
  • Carbon dioxide vessels

Piping Installation

Gas manufacturers and end users outsource their piping & related equipment installations to Azoxco to assure quality and to reduce costs.

Our piping installation services are  (but not limited to) : 

  • Network design
  • Piping installation
  • Site layoutavant-apres-laboratoire-garmen
  • Gas purity analysis
  • Installation approval and compliance (RBQ or TSSA)
  • P&ID and as-built drawings.
  • High pressure welding (MIG, TIG or orbital)
  • Silver brazing
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • Calibration of gas mixer
  • Leak test on piping network
  • Leak detection by mass spectrometer (Helium)

Types of application

  • Welding
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & beverages
  • Laboratories
  • Insulated and vacuum jacket piping

Peripherical equipment installations

  • Manifolds, regulators & other panels
  • Mixers
  • Gas generators, dryers & filters

Technical Assistance

At Azoxco, our team of service technicians can install, repair and maintain bulk tanks and related equipment at customer sites. We will follow your specific requirements and standards as well as industry standards in the most professional manner.

Preventive Maintenance Offer

Under the concept « Prevention is better than cure » Azoxco Cryogenique offer preventive maintenance service on gas equipment and piping network which include:

  • Visual inspection of gas equipment
  • Verification of gas distribution system integrity (leak test, pressure test)
  • Equipment calibration such like gas mixer
  • Sticker affix on equipment verified with date and technician name.
  • Technician service report including observation and comments submit to customer.
  • Proposal for parts to be repaired or replaced submitted to customer.
  • Technical recommendation for system optimisation.
  • Annual, bi-annual or quarterly inspection program.
  • Long term preventive maintenance agreement available.

Continuous Humidity Measurement

Having humidity in a vessel or in a pipeline is often the result of a leak. Humidity is considered a major contaminant. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get rid of water molecules once they are confined in a piping system or tank. It is then necessary to purge them with nitrogen (hot) for several days or even weeks in order to obtain an acceptable level of humidity.

Our technicians will come to your place to hook up our continuous humidity analyzer. If requested, we will assist you and even guide you during the nitrogen purge process.

  • New scaleplate
  • Calibration with certificate