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Workshop Services

Cryogenic Vessel Repairs

Portable liquid cylinders require frequent tune ups and repairs to their efficiency. We perform esthetic and/or mechanical work at our shop located in Terrebonne, Quebec, for vertical tank less than 1500 gallons capacity. You may opt for a complete rehab or for specific repairs, depending upon your needs and budget.

• Repair or replacement of existing valves
• Vacuum re-generation
• Cosmetic work (tank sand blasting prior to painting)
• Pressure control piping network balancing

Carbon Dioxide Vessel Rehabilitation

Azoxco offers a wide range of services for the rehabilitation of carbon dioxide storage vessels. We can either repair, replace or re-condition:

• Valves and related piping networks
• Refrigeration units
• Heaters
• Electrical circuits, including the control box
• Pressure switches

Not only will your vessel work properly, but it will also look great! Our shop is fully equipped to:

• Repair, replace or extend the tanks support structure
• Re-condition or replace the tank isolation
• Put a new aluminum shelter over the tank or re-do the fiber glass cover
• Extend the tank cabinet
• Paint the entire unit
• Put your company logo and other labels

When leaving our shop, all pressure switches, temperature switches and related alarm are calibrated and functioning properly. The tank are delivered pressure tested and leak free.

Portable Liquid Cylinder Repair

Azoxco has the expertise, the shop & the personnel to recondition your cryogenic vessels to almost brand new condition. Here under are our service offerings;

Valves and regulators:
• Visual inspection and verification of valves, fittings and regulators
• Fitting and valve replacement
• Pressure test
• Silver brazing of fittings under nitrogen purge
• Adjustment of both pressure build and economizer regulators
• Liquid level gauge replacement

Insulation :
• Vacuum pull out kit replacement
• Vacuum regeneration
• Outer jacket repair

Aesthetic :
• Verification, repair or replacement of casters, 
base rings, top rings, handles and square bases
• Painting of steel containers
• Cleaning and polishing of stainless steel containers
• New stickers and logos

Differential Pressure Gauge Repair

Our specialized technicians can repair or rehab your differential pressure gauge (also known as Barton gauge).

Our services include:
• Mechanism replacement or adjustement

Leak Detection By Helium

Helium is the smallest known molecule. Once helium is injected into a pipeline or tank, it will try to escape through any loose fittings, cracks or even porous materials.

• Azoxco is equipped with a very sensitive mass spectrometer that can detect helium even at trace levels.
• You can benefit from the state-of-the-art technology of mass spectrometry and the experienced technicians of Azoxco to help you resolve your leak problems.